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The skiing slopes, your catwalk. Dare to wear!2 min read

For many skiers and snowboarders, wearing the right outfit is of utmost importance. There are a lot of people who ski down the slopes. Nothing is more convenient than being able to recognize your friends because of their unique outfit. There’s the possibility of wearing a colorful (but fashionable) ski suit or even a fun onesie!

NEutral vs colorful

Nothing is more annoying than descending a red slope and having to search for your bestie who is wearing black pants and a dark blue coat. I can’t tell you how many people choose for this kind of -sorry- utterly boring outfit. I can kind of understand the option of a dark coat, when you want to wear it all winter. You don’t want to go shopping while wearing a psychedelic print. But, dear friends, why the heck do you have to have black pants?!

Guess which boarder I can never spot on the slopes?

If you like wearing a neutral coat, please don’t choose black pants! You chose a neutral coat because it’s easy to combine, so why don’t combine it with colorful pants? Everything around you will be neutral, since your entire surroundings is white. So almost any color will come out awesome. Dare! Dare to go for those bright blue, bright yellow or neon orange skiing pants!

If you’re waiting on a crossing of different slopes, you’re a lot more recognizable. If you’re giving it your all and you crash, you’re a lot more recognizable. If your buddies are waiting on a crossing… You guessed it…

This is me! I’m wearing a mint green and white coat by Eider (with rusty details) and rusty brown pants by Burton. Check it out, it looks like I’m squeezing that skier’s butt, haha!

Let’s talk about the funnier version of a colorful outfit: the onesie. How cool is it when you suddenly see a Pikachu racing by?

In our group, Disney was the way to go. A dashing ring tailed lemur – King Julian – and a hot and happy tiger – Tigger – were our amazing and amazingly visible group members. By accident they were also the fastest of our group, so on every junction they were (im)patiently waiting for the rest of us.

Also in the après-ski bar onesies are the crème de la crème. La Folie Douce is the place to be in different skiing areas. It is THE place where dancing on the table with skiing boots on is totally fine. A flashing DJ will take care of upbeat music and even more flashy entertainers take care of the rest of the atmosphere. Partying with Danish Teletubbies or French zebras, sounds pretty cool right?

What does your ski outfit look like? What is the coolest onesie you’ve ever seen skiing or snow boarding?

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