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Why skating is the best training for winter sports2 min read

Skiing and snow boarding are very intensive for your body. But many people leave for wintersports holiday without properly preparing their bodies.  Skating (inline & board) is a great way to prepare your body and brain to go on holiday and come back without serious long term injuries. Just keep reading to discover why.

1.You’re training the right muscles

After a couple of meters you start feeling it: you need to bend your knees and your upper legs and calfs start to grumble. You’ve been sitting still for too long. Don’t be over-bold and choose shorter routes in the beginning, and build up the distance. This way, the chance for injuries remains the smallest – scratches and bruises not included. We haven’t even mentioned the rest of your body: not only your legs, but also your glutes, arms and your core get a good workout while skating. And not to mention the cardio! Skating has so many advantages over running…



Good feet placement, seeing irregularities in the road, keeping an eye on the rest of traffic… Your eyes and your ears have to be attentive. The same level of focus is necessary on the slopes: humps of snow, rocks (big and small), analyzing skiers and snowboarders on your path in order to pas them… In short, skating, skiing and snow boarding require quite a lot of focus.



For skiers: walking on stairs or balancing on one leg while clicking in the other ski. For snow boarders: adjusting straps while standing up or leaving the lifts with some elegance. By practicing your equilibrium you will not only improve your general technique, but also improve your movements before and after actually hitting the slopes.


4. You learn how to fall – again

Falling, getting up and just keep going. Those are the rules of the game. Try to push your boundaries every time you feel comfortable. Try to go a little faster. Learn how to properly make a sharp turn. Just do it. But don’t forget your protections: wrists, elbows, knees and a helmet are absolute must haves.


5. it is fun

Get out of the rut of your endless fitness routine. Stop the endless squatting and sit ups in the gym. Don’t lock yourself inside, but go out and enjoy some fresh air. Admire the green in your environment. But do be careful with trees in fall. Those colorful leaves are super slippery once they start falling down – I’m speaking from experience here…


Are you ready to put on your skates or get your skateboard from under the dust? For the best routes in Belgium, check the RouteYou website. 

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