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How to take care of your sleeping bag: do’s and don’ts2 min read

A sleeping bag can be a big investment, but it’s definitely an important part of your outdoor gear. It’s one of your best friends at night when you go camping or trekking. It keeps you warm and sometimes it even keeps you alive. So how do you make sure it lasts as long as possible? Here are some tips and tricks!

Open it up

When you go camping you want to put your sleeping bag open when you get up. That way, all the moisture that you lost at night can vaporize. In really good weather you can even hang it over your tent. Beware, only do that when your tent is for dry for 100 %!

How to store your sleeping bag

It’s not good for your sleeping bag to be crammed in that little bag all year long. That little bag is called a compression bag. It squeezes your sleeping bagit’s smallest possible form. That also means that the filling is compressed all the time. Because of that compression, the filling will lose it’s volume and with that (part of) it’s technical qualities. Which means it will become less soft and less warm.

Ventilate, ventilate, ventilate

You should try to wash your sleeping bag as little as possible. After using it for one night or several nights, you just hang it (outside) to ventilate. Open it up as much as you can and let it hang for a couple of hours.

(don’t) wash your sleeping bag

Is your sleeping bag stained with mud, you might want to wash it. Be sure to check the washing label. Soon a blog post will follow with tips and tricks on how to wash it.

Let me state one thing very clearly: DO NOT TAKE IT TO THE DRY CLEANER’S! The products used in at the dry cleaner’s are very corrosive and will harm the water repellency and damage the filling.


Regular users wash their sleeping bag once a year, when it starts to smell a little iffy or when it’s dirty. The less you wash it, the better; but you also don’t want to sleep in a dirty sleeping bag. A great solution is using a liner to put in your sleeping bag as an extra. It’s sort of an extra, very thin sleeping bag to put into your sleeping bag. They exist in a wide variation such as cotton, bamboo, or silk. After using it for a couple of nights, you just wash your liner in stead of your sleeping bag, which is a lot easier – I can tell you that!

Did you learn something new? Which tips will you start using? 

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