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CityMarble with CaseCompany & BIG NEWS3 min read

CaseCompany Gent asked me to design my personal CityMarble case for my smart phone. In the meanwhile I was eager to tell you guys something BIG. I think it’s time to tell, through my CityMarble sotry. We did not go camping in Woerden, as I wrote in my previous post, by accident. Or at least, not entirely. And now that the plans are becoming more concrete, it’s time to get talking!

The story behind my citymarble

I could have chosen my home town (Beveren-Waas), my college town (Ghent), or my favorite destination abroad (New York and Athens share the first place). But my all time favorite place is on the water! There’s no place else I feel more at home.

I joined the Scouts when I was eleven years old. Not just any Scouts, I joined the Sea Scouts. Learning how to row and to sail were the best activities during the year and the annual sailing camp was the cherry on top of it all. That’s where my love for the water sprouted.

Let’s talk about those big plans. PJ and I have been thinking about moving for a little while now. We checked out ecological building projects, co-housing, and Tiny Houses, but eventually our choice landed on – drum roll, please – living on the water. We’re going to live on a boat! A houseboat is the best of our wish-worlds combined: small, ecological, mobile and close – very close – to the water.

Now, let’s check out my CityMarble. I chose happy colors. On one hand because I wanted to let the water stand out. On the other hand because I wan to find my phone quicker when I’ve lost the darn thing… Again. I swear I lose my phone every five minutes: I just can’t remember where I put it! I also ordered a second glass. Anything I have to use on daily bases has to be sturdy! I also like that the cover itself has some anti-slip feel to it. My clumsiness knows no limits.

In the past I’ve felt at home so many times on the waters of Belgium and The Netherlands. Let’s hope it will be like that again, soon. Anywhere could be my home! As long as it’s on the water, of course.

Make your own citymarble

With the CityMarble Tool by CaseCompany your favorite place in the world is always within reach. There are six different designs to choose from. It’s quite a difficult decision, but I chose ‘Classic’ with a cartographic coloring. The water ‘popped’ more in that design.

Then follows the best step: choosing your favorite spot in the world. You type in any location and the tool puts the map on the case. You can zoom in and out, twist, turn and shift the map as much as you want to. In the end you can also add text and emojis. In short, your phone case becomes your play ground! Go and have fun!

What do you think of my CityMarble and the big news?

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