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Camping in The Netherlands, Rehab from Urban Life3 min read

When I was young, I would listen to a certain song quite often: ‘Niet Ver Weg’ by Samson en Gert. Literally translated it means ‘Not Far Away’, about going on vacation close by. We went on a mini vacation in The Netherlands. We went camping at camping Batenstein in Woerden.

1-2-3, and we’re out

We had three days off, and we took big time advantage. Just because, because we can. We went on a mini-holiday. Sunday morning I did an online search for a nice little camping, and PJ got all of our camping gear together. We packed our bikes and in the late afternoon we were ready to go.

I wanted to stay close to the water. Zeeland seemed the appropriate province. Unfortunately those camping spots seem better suited for longer vacations, so you can chill and hang out on the beach. So we opted to go a little more inland. Our final choice was camping Batenstein in Woerden.

When we arrived at the camping, we were greeted by a very nice lady. She showed us a place at a creek where we could put up our tent. (Yay, water!) We put up our tent, cooked our meal on a nice little gas stove, and there we go: 100% holiday feeling inside my head.

Camping, as pure as possible

… as pure as possible in The Netherlands. For one euro a day we could have been connected to wifi. We didn’t do it. I chose to stay off line, enjoy being together, and read a good book, without distractions. The whole world that is contained in the little box that is called a smartphone, was gone. No FOMO, or well, maybe there was a little FOMO, but yeah, deal with it. So we went into social media-rehab for three days.

I guess you’d need a little more time to complete rehab, but it was a good start. The mental obligation that you feel when you carry a smart phone to be up to date for e-ve-ry-thing was gone pretty fast. I also didn’t have to worry about an enormous amount of e-mails piling up, since it was only three days.

Surrounded by nature

Being on vacation also means you don’t have to wake up for anything in specific. So we didn’t put an alarm to wake up. The birds in the trees on the camping site decided otherwise: the chaotic concert of birds chirping started at four thirty in the morning. Nature was a little less nice at that point. Time to go to the bathroom real quick and get back into that sleeping bag. The birds calmed down after a while and I fell asleep for another couple of hours.

Eating when being hungry is the best part. It might be eleven ‘o clock, it might be two. There’s nowhere you have to be, there’s no-one to tell you when to be somewhere. Just listen to your body. It’s also a big difference to not see advertisements for sweets everywhere you look.

Camping is great to get back in touch with nature. A drop of rain? No, I won’t melt. A little chilly? Put on a sweater. We hide in our houses way too fast. By the way, a little bit of rain on your face actually feels nice.

we want more!

For a while we forgot how much we love camping. Three days off-time is the ideal moment to plan a little escape. Whatever they say, it’s not so bad down here. So, we’ll make more camping trips in the near future. By the way, Camping Batenstein in Woerden is absolutely recommended!

What was your nicest close-to-home-vacation? 

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